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Welcome to Advantage Inspection.  Since 1988, Advantage has set the standards for home inspection industry.  Whether computerizing the inspection process or offering the nations first “No Denied Claims” home warranty, Advantage has been a leader in providing inspection services and innovation for the real estate community.

Advantage is committed to our clients for the long term and just because the inspection is complete, does not mean that our availability and responsibility are done!

Our  home inspection process, for more then 30 years has been the deciding factor for the people we serve: Buyers, Sellers, Homeowners, Real Estate Agents and Home Inspectors.


  • Pre Purchase Home Inspections
  • Pre-Listing Home Inspections
  • Pre-Drywall/Framing Inspections
  • 11 Month Warranty Inspections


  • Radon Gas Collection and Analysis
  • Mold/Air Quality Identification


  • Termite Inspections
  • Septic Inspection (Dye Testing)


We’ve got You Covered

Advantage Inspection fees are based on the square footage of the home. We also offer additional services that you can pair with your home inspection.  When you call the office we will ask you just a few simple questions and then prepare a personalize quote for your home and any ancillary inspections you will need.


0000-1499 square feet


1500-1999 square feet


2000-2499 square feet


2500-2999 square feet


3000-3499 square feet


3500-3999 square feet


4000-4499 square feet


4500-4999 square feet


5001+ square feet

$.12 sf


Radon Gas Screening


Air Quality (Mold)


Termite Inspection


Pool | Spa Inspection


Sewer Scope Inspection


Chimney Inspection Level II


Lead Paint Test


Well Water Testing




Phase I (Pre Slab Inspection)


Phase II (Pre Drywall Inspection


Septic Die Test




Advantage Inspection Greenville is your one stop shop for all real estate inspections, evaluations and testing!


Radon Gas Screening


Air Quality (Mold)


Termite Inspection


Pool | Spa Inspection


Sewer Scope Inspection


Chimney Inspection Level II


Lead Paint Test


Well Water Testing


Septic Die Test




Home Inspection

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What to Expect!

Click Here to download what a home inspection is and what to expect from Advantage Inspection.


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Our Inspection Services


The purpose of a home inspection is to help reduce the risk associated with the purchase of a home by providing a professional opinion about the overall condition of the home. This inspection will include the following systems: exterior, roof, structure, drainage, foundation, attic, interior, plumbing, electrical and heating


A listing agent or seller typically wants this service. Providing a thorough assessment of the home, this inspection is completed before your home is listed. After a pre-listing inspection, you can decide to make necessary repairs before your house goes on the market. With this inspection report in hand, you can also feel confident about the price you set.


This inspection takes place prior to your last walk-through to ensure that you have no concerns when you move in. Most people take it for granted that their new home is perfect, but newly constructed homes often have more defects than previously-owned ones. Make sure your builder is held responsible for safe and proper construction.


This is one of the home inspection services that can save money right away. Your new home contract may include a one-year warranty on appliances and major home systems, such as the plumbing. For this inspection, we examine what’s covered by your warranty after 11 months to ensure any issues or defects can be fixed before your warranty expires.

Radon Gas Testing

When radon gas, which has no smell and is invisible, is present, it poses a deadly health hazard. Advantage uses special instruments to detect the presence of radon gas in your home so corrective measures can be taken to protect yourself and your family if dangerous levels are present.

Wood Destroying Insects (Termite Inspection)

Advantage schedules a Licensed Pest Inspection Company to inspect for wood destroying insects and provide the WDIR form as required by some lending agencies.  They will inspect the home for evidence of wood destroying insects, elevated moisture level and wood deterioration that draws these insects into the homes structure.

Well Water Testing

Advantage draws a water sample and processes the water to identify contaminates as set by the Environmental Protection Agency and the state health department.  Whether the concern is bacteria, nitrates, nitrates or a heavy metal, know that we can provide the analysis you need for peace of mind

Septic Inspections (Dye Testing)

Septic System Loading and Dye Tests often requested by certain lenders, involve flushing a special dye down a toilet or other drain combined with a known quantity of water sufficient to put a working load on the absorption system.  If waste water leaks to the ground surface (an unsanitary condition indicating possible multiple septic concerns) one may find dye in that water provided the septic system is flowing at common rates.


Advantage Inspection Reviews

Donnie inspected the house that I am in the process of buying and did a phenomenal job of documenting every detail. He also answered all my questions and showed that he was very knowledgeable on these issues found. I also received the inspection report the day of the inspection which was really helpful due to the tight due diligence deadline. I would use Advantage Inspection again and I would recommend others to use them.

 Sally Hill

Absolutely fantastic company they had quick appointment availability, extremely in depth home inspection, as well as termite inspection, very detailed photos with recommendations on what to repair and what level of repair was needed aka self repair or call a professional. The price for both the home and termite inspection was the best you could find they are military friendly and offered a discount so price may be different for non-military. All said I would highly recommend!

Greg P.

Daniel is VERY thorough in his inspections, knowledgeable about every aspect of homes as an inspector, and always reliable. He’s been my go-to inspector for over 6 years and I wouldn’t have anyone but him inspect my own homes when we have bought! He’s the best in the business.

Leigh Colombo

Since ’94

Advantage Inspection

Professional, Licensed & Insured

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